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PLEASE KNOW: For all of Felicia's work as a civil drafter, Felicia has worked under a professionally licensed surveyor or engineer.
All said, expressed and shown within this "Land Surveying and Civil Drafting" section of the website is based on Felicia's personal experience.
Nothing within this section of the website shall be construed or understood to mean a solicitation for land surveying or engineering work, nor shall it be
construed or understood to express professional advice. And, nothing said or expressed shall be construed or understood to offer legal advice.

Felicia is an accomplished art/creative director, illustrator, commercial artist,
graphic artist, fine artist, and photography director and photographer
who has a foot into her father's profession (surveying and engineering) as a civil drafter.
(All images shown are low resolution. No authorization is given to copy and redistubute anything shown or said on this website.)
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